Commitment, trust and teamwork guaranteed

J.A de Mesa Architectural Design and Construction’s works in a well-organized system which helps to meet and go beyond clients expectations. Our main focus is to guide each project from pre-construction to post-construction to assure quality work. We create a highly-skilled team that works closely with each member of the project to digest and gain deeper understanding of the clients’ goals. Our team works as one in managing different aspects of architectural design and construction which are crucial for the project’s success, we mainly focus on six management strategies: Schedule, Conformity and Safety, Community, Furniture, fixtures and equipment, Updates and Completion documents.

We take pride on our full commitment and hard work in any given project.

Our company aims to make client’s life easier for any architectural needs while providing a good environment for the company’s team members. We give importance to time, efficiency and quality output without compromising
safety and compliance. It is important for the company to have a systematic and organized community in order to visualize and execute the client’s vision. The company provides consistent and updated reports from furniture, fixtures and equipment to completion documents. With organized system, our company can cope to changes and adjust to different challenges and possible problems. We at J.A. de Mesa Architectural Design and construction
manage and advice on all parts of the projects equipped with realistic resolution, management and execution to fulfil the needs and wants of our clients. We take pride on our full commitment and hard work in any given project.